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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

At IT Professional Services we provide service to a growing list of small and medium businesses is the south central California coast including medical, legal, agricultural, retail, wholesale, construction, financial, educational, and non-profit organizations.

Some of our customers have been using our service for over a decade.

Why is this different than any other reference list?  Call us strange, but we believe that if something good is said about us, the quote should be posted with the person's full name and links to the companies that are saying it!  Placing a random quote from an anonymous person is not enough for us.  That is just our opinion though.

Finally...a computer systems and network support company "real people" love!

"I can't say enough good things about IT Professional Services.  

We never have to wait any length of  time for service.  The best part about ITPS is our virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) who sits down with us to figure out what we want.  We include him in our budgeting process like the other department heads.  He give us different options, different costs and so on.  He includes us in the process to figure out what is best for us and what price we can work with."

Leslie DeMattia, Director of Operations
Ventura Missionary Church

"Simply put, we do not have computer problems! 

IT Professional Services has worked with us for over 10 years. We have 2 separate offices and ITPS manages the computer systems and network for both of them.

They do what it takes to keep us going. I know that Darryl is in here at all hours of the night and day. He responds when called upon and promptly fixes what needs to be fixed. We think he's nocturnal.

Anyway, I would HIGHLY recommend IT Professional Services to anyone who needs expert computer and systems oversight. They are the best we've found."

Scott Wening, President
ProSource of Oxnard

"I want to thank you so very much for not only setting me up at my new place of employment with all the various programs needed such as network, scanning machine, outlook, email, etc. but also for going above and beyond without even being asked and helping me with my signature address and logo. YOU ARE AWESOME !!! This really made my day and took me completely by surprise. I was in the process of sending an email to one of our customers and went in to insert a signature and to my surprise my signature appeared right before my eyes along with our company logo !!! Needless to say I was very, very happy and this totally made my day. Thank you once again Darryl, this was very kind on your behalf."

Monica Loera
Howard's Rug Co of Ventura

"IT Professional Services is the best!  Your monitoring system picked up a loss of connectivity to our school's office and you replaced the bad fiber optic module on a Sunday evening so that we were up and running on Monday morning!  Thank you for your excellent service!"

Nancy Baker, Principal
Ventura Missionary School

"I want to thank you so much for your assistance today.  I spent nearly an hour with our application technical support with their final answer being, 'I’m sorry, we cannot help you.' I got you on the phone and got us back up and running in less than 5 minutes without any hassle. You took 500 lbs off my back today.  You are worth every penny.

Thanks a ton, or at least 500 lbs."

Tim Howard, President
Howards Carpet One

"Thank you guys, you're lifesavers, or should I say, computersavers!

When I came in today I had an email telling me my computer was fixed.  I didn't even know it had a problem!!  It's so helpful that you keep an "eye" on things over the weekends when we're not even here.  It was nice not having to wait while the computer was being restored and get right to my work Monday morning.  Thanks again for the help!!!"

Donna Barradas, Office Manager
Ventura Missionary School

"I woke up yesterday morning to a black screen on my smart phone, after about 3 hours my phone provider was able to restore about 1/3 of the information that I regularly use, I was freaking out! Being successful in sales is all about having information, and I was missing some of the most basic like the phone numbers of my installers and the contact information of my clients. I was sure  I was doomed to sit and wait for unhappy customers to start calling and asking why I abandoned them.

Because of the maintenance plan you have in place here you were able to quickly restore every last piece of information that had appeared  to be lost forever. There is absolutely no doubt that the service is worth every penny, and don't tell Tim, but it's probably worth even more.

I can't thank you enough, you saved me hundreds of hours and probably thousands of dollars!"

Joe Zboralski
Howards Carpet One

"I would just like to thank you for solving my problem today! I had tried for hours, and days to no avail to restore my accounting program, and you were able to walk me through the process in minutes.  Your knowledge and expertise is greatly valued, and I will be calling you in the future to help save me time and money!"

Carol Eiland
Ventura Counseling Center

Someone else's failed repair attempt

"I felt my hard drive was full, and I needed more memory, so I took it to the Geek Guys. I asked if they could copy my files from my old drive onto the new drive and they said they were sure that they could. When I asked how long it would be they said a week, and they would call me when it was finished. When I hadn't heard from them in ten days, I called them to find out what was going on. ... They said, Oh, it was not done yet and would be another week. At the end of another week, I decided to go down to see what was happening. When I got there they said, Oh, hadn't I been called, it was all finished. I asked where my old hard drive was. .... After a half hour of making me wait they admitted that they couldn't find my old hard drive. When I took the computer home, ... I plugged the whole thing in, and found nothing. They had not transferred anything, and now I didn't even have my old hard drive. I called IT Professionals, and Darryl came right out, picked up my computer, and went to work. When he looked into it, he found the old hard drive was still inside the computer, but they hadn't ... hooked it up right even. Within 3 days he had my computer running perfectly again. I don't know what I would have done without his fine work."

Rachael Herskowitz, Ventura
From Google Review

"I love the link that I can click on and see all the tickets we have going. What a great feature. I'm sure all your clients love it too."

Leslie DeMattia, Director of Operations
Ventura Missionary Church

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