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Computer Usage Tips

Safe Web Browsing Tip of the Week - Avoid Extra Tools

Simple tips to protect yourself – in the office and at home.

Everyone seems to be offering toolbars or plug-ins for installation into your browser.  Most plug-ins and toolbars are harmless, but these tools could be exploited by hackers to steal information or take control of your system, especially if they are not kept up-to-date.  And they take up space on your window.  You have to be selective of the type of toolbars and other plug-ins you decide to install.  Most of the functions that the toolbars claim to have are probably present on the Internet already.  They are also sometimes very difficult (almost impossible) to uninstall.  Often times the default setting is to install their toolbar.  So you have to be careful to uncheck the box that installs the toolbar.

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