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Microsoft Security Patches in MS13-057 Break WMV file Rendering

On July 9th, Microsoft released seven security bulletins and thirty four KB articles containing patches.  One of those bulletins (MS13-57), which contains six KB articles with patches, is causing problems with video playback of WMV files.  Reports of a black box across half of the frame have been seen.  Specifically referenced in reports of the problems are KB2803821 and kb2834904; however, we suspect that all six of the patches in this security bulletin, KB2845142, KB2803821, KB2834902, KB2834903, KB2834904, and KB2834905 have the problem.

As of this writing, Microsoft has not pulled the patch nor have they listed any known problems with these patches. 

The vulnerability fixed by these patches has a severity rating of critical with an exploitability ranking of 2.  There are no publicly known exploits at this time.

We recommend not installing these updates, or if they are already installed, uninstalling the problem patches or rolling the system back to remove problem patches.

More Information

InfoWorld Tech Watch: botched Windows patch: MS13-057/KB 2803821/KB 2834904

The Register: Botch Tuesday: Redmond frags video codec

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Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-057

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